Welcome to the

Trustworthy AI Lab

at Ontario Tech University

The Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Lab, at Ontario Tech University, is the research lab led by Canada Research Chair, Peter Lewis.

We are an interdisciplinary lab in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology, exploring how to make the relationship between AI and society work better.

Embedding AI in society presents a complex mix of technical and social challenges, not the least of which is: as more decisions are delegated to AI systems that we cannot fully verify, understand, or control, when do people trust them?

Our approach is to work towards empowering people to make good trust decisions about intelligent machines of different sorts, in different contexts. How can we conceive of and build intelligent machines that people find worthy of trust, and that are transparent about why?

Our work draws on extensive experience in leading AI adoption projects in commercial and non-profit organizations across several sectors, as well as faculty research expertise in artificial intelligence, artificial life, trust, and computational self-awareness. A major aim is to tackle the challenge of building reflective AI, artificial intelligence with the self-awareness to enhance and expose its trustworthiness to people.


Trustworthy AI Lab researchers attend CNIB research retreat

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, researchers from Ontario Tech’s Trustworthy AI lab and Human-Machine lab attended an annual research retreat at CNIB’s Lake Joe camp.

There are significant opportunities in the use of AI for assistive technology, and important questions to ask around accessibility in AI technology. Our strategic partnership means that we have the ability to tackle these challenges together, as well as provide experiential learning opportunities to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Trustworthy AI Lab Director writes Hill Times Op-Ed

Director of Ontario Tech’s Trustworthy AI Lab, Canada Research Chair in Trustworthy AI Dr. Peter Lewis, wrote an invited op-ed for Canadian political newspaper, The Hill Times. The piece discussed whether AI research is hitting a plateau (in Canada, and more generally). If you don’t have a subscription to be able to read the original, there is a free, slightly longer form version that can be read on Pete’s blog.

Meet the Team



Dr. Peter Lewis

Canada Research Chair in Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
& Lab Director


Dr. Stephen Marsh

Associate Professor in
Trust Systems
& Lab Co-Director


Dr. Karthik Sankaranarayanan

Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Researchers


Dr. Aishwaryaprajna

Postdoctoral Researcher

Graduate Students


Arsh Chowdhry

Master’s Student


Nathan Lloyd

PhD Student


Shahrbanoo Zomorodzadeh

Master’s Student


Tala Defo

Master’s Student


Zahra Ahmadi

Master’s Student



Narayan Kabra

Visiting Researcher