Trustworthy AI Lab and the 5th Annual Women in STEM Summit

Peter R. Lewis (left), Parisa Salmani (centre), Zahra Ahmadi (right)

On October 11th Peter R. Lewis, Zahra Ahmadi, and Parisa Salmani led the Bias and Fairness in Algorithms Breakout Session at the Women in STEM Summit. The Summit’s focus was on allyship and disrupting bias, and empowering the next generation of women leaders by celebrating the successes of those who came before.

The breakout session discussed how there is no best way to eradicate bias in algorithms, and that there are many different notions of fairness with no universally accepted definition. The ambiguities and intersections of these definitions, however, provide an essential opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion, highlighting the need for more co-design conversations with all those affected by biased algorithms.

Parisa and Zahra said that it was a fantastic experience that broadened their perspective and left them feeling motivated to make more contributions in this field.