Trustworthy AI Lab at the ACAW 2024 Conference

A collage of photos featuring Joelma, Zahra, and the conference

On May 27th and 28th, Zahra Ahmadi and Joelma Peixoto had the incredible opportunity to attend the Accessible Canada - Accessible World / Un Canada accessible - Un monde accessible Conference. This groundbreaking event was an instructive experience for advancing accessibility and inclusive design across various sectors.

Key themes included:

  • Who and what are we missing? What are the accessibility gaps or barriers missed?
  • Inclusive decision-making
  • Innovation in standards and policy
  • Accessible and equitable communications

The ACAW 2024 embraced a flipped conference model. Presentations were made available online before the event, allowing attendees to focus on diving critical accessibility challenges through in-depth discussions during the conference. Presentations from lab members included: Zahra, Joelma, and Chukwunonso.

Zahra Ahmadi and Joelma Peixoto were particularly inspired by the collaborative spirit and the shared commitment to breaking down barriers. The conference reinforced the importance of continuous advocacy and innovation in ensuring accessibility remains at the forefront of our societal progress.

In our rapidly changing world, accessibility challenges are becoming increasingly diverse and complex. New barriers are emerging alarmingly, underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions. The conference provided industry leaders, advocates, innovators, and the community a platform to unite and discuss strategies to tackle these challenges.