Trustworthy AI Lab members lead a co-design session in partnership with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Zahra Atf (left) and Zahra Ahmadi (right) leading discussions

Through our continued partnership with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Trustworthy AI Lab members Zahra Atf and Zahra Ahmadi lead a session and discussion on accessible AI at CNIB’s Co-Design Festival.

The aim of the Co-Design Festival was to bring researchers and the disability community together, leveraging researcher expertise and lived experience together to foster ideas toward a better future for accessibility design.

The event took place at Microsoft’s campus in downtown Toronto, Zahra Atf lead a discussion on accessible Explainable AI and Zahra Ahmadi discussed the limitations and failures of AI-based assistive technologies. This session aimed to motivate individuals to consider the reliability of artificial intelligence technologies and how those considerations affect one’s trust in the technology.

Following the event, Zahra Ahmadi was quoted to say: we are proud to be a part of this insightful conversation and hear different perspectives that helped our understanding of participants’ attitudes towards AI and its limitations.