Trustworthy AI Lab student attends Social Simulation Summer School and Conference

Nathan Lloyd attending the summer school (left), and presenting at the conference (right)

At the end of August, our Doctoral Student Nathan Lloyd attended the European Social Simulation Association Summer School in Social Simulation 2023 at the James Hutton Institute’s campus in Aberdeen, Scotland. This interdisciplinary course brought together international specialists to engage in computer modelling, with a primary focus towards solving ‘wicked’ social problems.

Following the Summer School, Nathan travelled to the 18th Social Simulation Conference in Glasgow to present his paper Towards Reflective Normative Agents, an early piece that looks to explore the socio-cognitive capabilities that may be required for sufficiently rich normative behavior within agents. These being normative agents that go beyond norm following, endowed with the capacity to intentionally deviate, reflect upon their actions, and learn from their experiences.