Trustworthy AI Lab members present their research in social self-awareness at the SelPhyS Workshop

SelPhyS Workshop Attendees, Peter pictured fourth on the left, Nathan pictured far right

Dr. Peter R. Lewis and Doctoral student Nathan Lloyd attended the 5th Workshop on Self-Awareness in Cyber-Physical Systems (SelPhyS), where Nathan presented their coauthored work in a poster session, short talk, and subsequent panel.

The workshops aim was to provide a forum for reflections and in-depth discussions of the pivotal concepts of this field, and to develop a shared and communal understanding of the main concepts underlying self-awareness with respect to Cyber-Physical-Systems.

Nathan presented research co-authored with Peter and Kayleigh Lloyd entitled ‘Social Self-awareness’, discussing the bi-directional relationship between self-referential processes and social interaction. This feedback loop between self and society underscores how we may leverage social information for more resilient and adaptive systems.