Trustworthy AI Lab researchers attend ALife 2023 conference

Dr. Aishwaryaprajna presenting at ALife 2023

This July, Trustworthy AI Lab researchers Dr. Aishwaryaprajna and Dr. Peter Lewis attended and presented at the 2023 edition of the International Conference on Artificial Life in Sapporo, Japan.

Dr. Aishwaryaprajna presented a paper on sustainable foraging in agent-based societies. The paper presented results on how endowing agents with a reflective governor, such that they are able to observe when their own behaviour is contributing to unsustainability, can overcome ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ style unsustainable outcomes.

Further, as part of his role as a board member of the International Society for Artificial Life with responsibility for Societal Impact, Dr. Lewis chaired the 7th Special Session on Alife and Society.