Zahra Atf

Zahra Atf

Visiting Researcher

I am currently serving as a Visiting Researcher at the Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Lab at Ontario Tech University. My research interests lie in market studies and the analysis of end-user behavior, specifically aimed trustworthiness of user-generated content.

I did my PhD at University of Science and Research in Iran. My doctoral research focused on branding in social networks with a cognitive science approach. Additionally, I identified the determinants of brand engagement using gamification techniques. In this research, new marketing techniques grounded in cognitive science were introduced to enhance customer trust.

For over ten years, I have worked as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Applied Science and Technology, as well as the University of Science and Research in Iran. Furthermore, I served as a Senior Researcher in market research firms and as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist and business branding consultant for dairy companies and startups.